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For those who have contact with me on a regular basis, know of my addition to various crazy socks. Even though my contact with users has been greatly reduced, why can't I still show off the socks?


Recently purchase a couple new pairs of socks, went for retro gaming, and pac man.

I like to call these, math is hard.

Was made fun of by my family for wearing these snowman socks, on a 90 degree day. Really scraping the bottom of the barrel at this point.

Hawkeye traditional comic version. This did not make the cut for superhero week.

No, I didn't go bowling, but have socks for when I do.

In support of Memorial Day.


This is meeting is bullshit socks. Only warn at the office on very select occasion.

Shark socks that didn't make it in the sea theme week.

One of my man styles of beer socks

Theme, for when I head to the Casino

Tranditional black Venom

My sock supply is getting low, had to use one of the Halloween ones

Finally some sea shells. I may actually run out of socks before quarantine is over.

The ship anchor

Have some lobster one, starting to make me hungry.

Next, some crabs.

This week, try to do an ocean theme. Starting it off with turtles

In honor of Derby.

Probably have few beers later, to match with today.

Picked these up at the field museum in Chicago.

Now, I have to have donuts for breakfast. It is kind of a rule.

Starting off the week ready to open a can of whoop ass!

It is Friday, and these fit with my evening plans!

My kids personal favorite, poop emogi.

Grill out party outside for the kids, thought the socks should match.

Keeping with the video game theme, Super Mario.

To fit with the retro video games, NES controller socks.

Finish the comic book socks week off with the best superhero.

Venom, need to have at least one villian represented.

Thor, similar to Iron Man design.

Iron Man, it kinda of wraps around the entire sock and is hard to capture.

Going with a comic book theme this week, and leading with Hulk.

Pool Sharks. Do you get it? Sharks are found in water, and pools have water. So, a water pool and pool as in a billiards table.

Pizza for dinner, so mine as well match the meal.

Socks for any occasion, cows getting abducted by aliens.

No those are not peppermints. It shows my support for the umbrella corporation.

These spicy peppers should go with the nachos I am having later.

Starting Monday off with one of my favorites, got to support the Kentucky Lottery's new logo.