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It has been suggested that now is a great time to pickup a new hobby, with all the extra time. Not sure who exactly that demographic is, there seems to be less time, not more. Anyway, trying to pickup some hobbies anyway.

Making something, for a friend

Bought a chest freezer, and it didn't fit in the car that easily. Ended up riding in the back with my wife driving. This is probably the most dangerous thing, I have ever done.

Caden made a bird feeder out of cardboard, peanut butter and bird seed.

In case you were unsure, that is where he put it.

Hey, I found another one of these.

If you enjoyed the color quiz, here is another

I did not have much info when someone sent me this. The color charts represent various entertainment. They may all be cartoons. Not exactly sure, that is my best guess after figuring out some.

These drink sleeve seem to be multiplying.

At least my son is imaginative, made a Lego water slide.

I have started collecting Starbucks drink sleeves, saving them for a friend.