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More recently, took a hike a briar hill park. It was a very hot day, but we started out pretty early.

Couple nice looking spiderwebs. Not a fan of spiders, but have to appreciate them.
Crossing over a small waterfall.
Kids found another fort. Every park hike, they seem to find one.

It was such a nice week we decided to do some hiking at beckley creek park. We had a good time but the kids got tired. I had to get the car and pick them up, these kids today.

Kids inspecting this odd hut we found on the trail.
What can I say, kids like bridges.
Shot from the same bridge.
We found a bunch of turtles hanging out on one particular log.
I took a picture with them staring directly at the sun, not the best idea.
Honey Locust Tree
Kids spotted this tree, and the information on it.