Creating custom websites, mobile apps and software for your business or personal needs


Web Application Development

  • Created large-scale J2EE compliant applications using Java, JSP, Servlets, and Websphere/Ration IDE.
  • Development of applications with Java and Spring/Hibernate architecture module.
  • UI Front End development with Javascript/Jqeury, AJAX, CSS and graphics design.
  • Other technologies implemented using Object Oriented Design, Persistence, Inheritance, Beans, Swing, Socket Communication, XML, Cocoon framework, Opencms 9 and 10 configuration and utilization.

File Transport Processing

  • These systems involved the encryption of data with secret agent and PGP (GnuPG).
  • Applications also ship and receive data with SFTP, FTP, and Pop3.

Server/Database Development

  • Configuration of Apache Tomcat Server version 5 to 9
  • Configuration of Websphere Application server 6.1
  • Databases created and optimization DB2, mySQL, postgresSQL among others.

Software Development

  • Created different Batch type processes with Java and C/C++, processing large amounts of data and file manipulation.
  • 3-D environments created with C/C++, OpenGL and visual studios. PC application based, involving light sources, collision, texture mapping and more.